Universal 19 Rack-mount Mixer W-13U Top and 16U Front W-2 Side Work Tables

  • Sliding Laptop Shelf
  • 2 Folding Side Tables
  • Standard 19″ Mounting Rail Width
  • 13 Slanted Top Slanted Load (22.75 inches)
  • 16 Space Front and Rear Load
  • 23″ Deep front to rear Rail
  • 3 Removable Lids: Front Top and Rear
  • Durable and Solid Rack Rails
  • 3/8″ Plywood with Laminated Honeycomb Digital™ pattern
  • Ata-300 Style Gig Ready Flight Road Case
  • 2 Recessed Spring Action Handles per Side
  • Easy Locking Fit and Tongue
  • Heavy duty and Powerful Steel Ball Corners
  • Industrial Strength Latches And Rubber Feet
  • Dual Anchor Rivets
  • Includes Mounting Hardware
  • Recessed Butterfly Twist Latches
  • 4 Heavy Duty 4″ Casters For Mobility (Two Are Locking)
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This ProX T-16MRSS13ULT Universal 19 Rack-mount Mixer W-13U Top and 16U Front W-2 Side Work Tables has all the best features you are looking for in a world-class flight case: strength durability and reliability with flexible options and sizes for different applications.

This heavy-duty professional combo rack is 23″ deep and features 16U front loading and 13U top loading rails for convenient security for a wide variety of pro-DJ mixers amplifiers effects and any other standard 19″ pro audio/DJ gear. Other design highlights include a large swinging rear door (for easy wiring) with a beveled cable hole for permanent or semi-permanent installation. It also includes two Recessed handles on either side of the case.

This case also includes a sliding Glide laptop shelf for digital DJs who need to have all their gear accessible at once.

Additionally it includes two folding side tables (front & back cover) for an extra workspace!

This ProX ATA 300 Style Road/Flight case is manufactured with the Honeycomb Digital™ laminated surface Design. Made with the super-sleek look of Honeycomb Digital™ hexagon grids on all shell surfaces which gives the cases an almost alien look! Also as opposed to regular laminated plywood cases from other manufacturers the ProX Honeycomb Digital™ design helps prevent minor to mild scratches. The Honeycomb Digital™ line design was inspired in 2009 by the design of New York City Street Manhole covers which are made to handle rough and tough everyday punishment.

Honeycomb Digital™

All ProX cases use CNC technology during the manufacturing process to assure that cases are consistently built with strict specifications and tolerances that are required for the high-quality standards that ProX cases have been known for since 1984.

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Weight 104 kg
Dimensions 31 × 22 × 37 cm


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