Rack Drawer 4U Space Heavy Duty 12″ Deep

  • Designed to mount in USA standard 19″ relay racks and rack cases
  • Rack Units: 4U
  • Drawer front to back is 12″ in depth
  • Locking Feature to protect against theft (Includes 2 Keys)
  • Heavy-duty smooth glide drawer slides
  • Chrome pull inset handle
  • Black heavy duty steel construction
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Rack Unit(U) Guide:  1 Unit = 1.3/4″H

The ProX T-4RD-12 4U Rack Drawer is a handy small storage unit. Fits all USA popular standard 19 inch wide rack mounts. Heavy Duty all-metal construction.

The ProX 19″ wide Rackmount Drawer 16-1/8″ useable width transforms any standard rack case with a convenient secure storage unit that can hold a wide variety of pro DJ and audio equipment: accessories adapters cables iPods etc.  Features secure lock with 2 keys included and draw top handle.  This drawer front to back is 12″ in depth.

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Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 19 × 12 × 7 cm


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