Lighting System Triangle Truss with Crank Up System 5ft 10ft 15ft Wide

To avoid problems a competent person should inspect all rigging hardware stands and equipment before each use and periodically do a major inspection for signs of wear abuse and general adequacy as well as perform any manufacturer recommended preventive maintenance on schedule.  Observe all warnings and usage instructions in the full manual. 

Basic Usage:

  1. Ensure that the stand is positioned on hard stable surface in suitable location on firm ground and clear of overhead obstacles.
  2. Stabilize legs before lifting the tower or any load.
  3. When outdoors secure the tower with braces or cables in case of wind.
  4. Check the cable it should not show damaged or flattened areas nor broken strands.

Using the Winch:

  1. For Lifting the tower turn the winch handle clockwise.
  2. For lowering the tower turn the winch handle counter-clockwise.

Safety Notes:

  1. Loading on truss and stands should comply with rated weights.
  2. Lock all the safety mechanisms (safety pins knobs)
  3. Loads must be centered & balanced on each lifting unit.
  4. Safety chains must be installed on each item attached to unit.
  5. Leave a safety perimeter with a radius 5ft greater than the maximum height of the stands during lifting and lowering of loads.
  6. During transport close all the sections and lock the lifting carriage.
  7. Do not attempt to move the stand when loaded or in extended position.

Service Notes:

  1. Servicing and repairs must be made by qualified persons.
  2. Cable pulleys and telescopic masts must be inspected before each use. Any damaged cable must be replaced immediately.
  3. Annual inspection by an authorized technician is suggested.
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The ProX T-LS35C is a triangle crank truss system. This medium-duty truss lighting stand package includes two high-quality crank up stands & three 5FT triangle truss sections that create a near 5ft 10ft or 15ft span. The stand can safely reach 9-10Ft. A pair of T-Adapters are included so you may easily mount your truss to the stands. You can mount up to 200 lbs evenly. Truss tubes are 35mm – 1 3/8″ in diameter. Truss sections are 6 inches in overall width and 57″ long.

Shipping Dimensions (sent in 2 separate boxes):
BOX#1: 3 Truss Pieces: 57.5″ x 24″ x 11″ – 43lbs
BOX#2: 2 Crank stands: 59″x 16″ x 10″ – 55lbs

Product Actual Weight: 92LBS

Sold Separately: When purchasing a T-LS35C truss crank system. You will probably want the carry bags to haul your system around. These are high-quality bags stitched with high-quality materials and will help you safely and securely transport your truss system around with ease.

The carry bag T-LS35C-BAG is optional and is sold separately.

Exercise caution when loading this or any ProX truss system.  Be sure to evenly distribute your fixtures or equipment for safety. 

Always use a safety cable or chain on all mounted fixtures.


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