Professional RGB Full Color Animation Laser Effect Light 
with ILDA Sound Auto DMX-512 (12ch.) Control Modes

Laser Power:

Red: 250mw 635nm DPSS diode
divergence < 3.5*0.5mrad
beam diameter< 2*5mm

Green: 150mw 532nm DPSS diode
divergence < 1.5mrad
beam diameter< 3mm

Blue:  700mw  445nm DPSS diode                
divergence < 2*0.5mrad
beam diameter<2*5mm

Diode operating temperature:10A?-45A? C
warm up time<2 min 70 degree Scan Angle 25K pps optical scanner Scanning projection or reflection of laser and collateral radiation (light show radiation) into audience or other accessible uncontrolled areas shall not be permitted by any UNO LASER/Xstatic Laser Fixtures.

Control: High capacity & speed microprocessor
ILDA Operation with software such as Pangolin’s
   QuickShow and Beyond System Control packages
High speed optical scanner to generate 3D 
   animated graphics Sound Sensitivity control
Key operated safety control Safety mounting point
Adjustable Aperture Beam Blocker Remote Interlock 
Laser classification: EN60825-1 2007
US FDA/CDRH Compliant
One Year Warranty

Uno Laser Variance Information: #2013-V-0607
Check UNO Laser’s variance information on:

NOTES FROM UNO Laser: All high-powered laser manufacturers in the USA are required to be compliant with all FDA and CDRH Laser Variances & Regulations.

UNO Laser has gone to extensive lengths to make sure all our Class 3B and Class 4 Laser Display Fixtures are 100% Compliant Safe and resilient.

For more detailed information on obtaining your Laser Show Variance visit our Laser Variance Info page.



1Watt Class 4 Professional RGB Full Color Animation Laser Effect Light.

UNO Laser’s Bermuda line of Laser Display Fixtures is a prime example of where simplicity meets power. Having a professional quality Laser is no longer out of reach for the amature and intermediate Laserist! And it only gets better as we turn up the power.

Bermuda is designed to shoot stunning aerial effects tunnels fans shapes & sheets as well as simple custom graphics logos text and much more with MAXIMUM brightness blanketing your venue in beautiful laser light. And controlling your laser is easy with Pangolin’s QuickShow!

Each Uno Laser system will be cleaned and re-calibrated at no extra cost each year for the life of the unit. (Shipping not included)

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 6.5 cm


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