Cat 5/6 RJ45 to 3 Pin Female DMX Connector/Adapter

  • XC-RJ45’s are available in 2 versions
  • All have Gold Plated contacts
  • 3-PIN MALE or FEMALE to RJ45 
  • 2 Adapters 1 CAT 5 Cable and snap snap = DMX512 Cable
  • ProX Limited LIfetime Warranty
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This ProX XC-RJ45XF3 is a RJ45 to 3PIN Female DMX connector.  The XLR to RJ45 adapter makes it possible to use any length and low cost CAT-5/6 ethernet cable as a DMX512 cable.  The electrical properties of CAT-5/6 wiring is essentially the same as the more expensive DMX512 cables.   XLR to RJ45 are adapters to convert a DMX512 XLR connector to a RJ45 connector for using Cat 5/6 cables as DMX. 

We know the importance of cables to your performance.  Therefore ProX has the XLR to RJ45 available in two versions 3-pin male (XC-RJ45XM3) or female XLR (XC-RJ45XF3).  This XC-RJ45XF3 connector produces uncompromising signal power frequency handling and data reproduction. 

The connectors are all Gold plated for years of dependable data transmission and to outlast other cable adaptors on the market!  This connector is very useful for making a DMX512 cable quickly and at a very low cost.  Plus by using various lengths of CAT-5/6 cables your installations and setups will be neater and have a much better appearance. 

NOT for use for Audio Applications!


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