Four Panel Collapse and Go DJ Facade W-White Frame and Carry Bag | Black and White Scrims

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The ProX XF-4X3048W MK2 Four Panel ProX DJ Facade White Collapse and Go Facade Panels with Carrying Bag and Black/White Scrims package for when you want to up your mobile DJ game and clean up the look of your gear.

The XF-4X3048W MK2 DJ Facade features a four-panel system with a durable white frame that folds and comes apart for easy transport. The frame and all facade parts are easily carried with the included carrying bag so you can keep the facade pieces clean and protected!

Set up of the ProX Direct XF-4X3048W MK2 Four Panel ProX DJ Facade is very easy. Remove the facade from the carrying bag set up the four panels then attach either the included white or black lycra scrim fabric panels. Use the black to give your disc jockey system the club feel or use the white scrims for a wedding DJ look that can utilize uplighting for a unique party look!

WARNING! These scrim products are for temporary use ONLY and NOT for permanent installation. Keep away from open flames sparks direct heat or any type of electrical fixtures and outlets. ProX Live Performance Gear is not responsible for any bodily injury or property damaged caused by misuse of this product. Scrims can be machine washed and air-dried only. Do not use harsh chemicals or chlorine bleach. Factory fire retardant loses effectiveness with washing and over time. Re-treat as needed.



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