10U Top Mount 19″ Slanted Black on Black Mixer Case

* ATA 300
* Spring action recessed handle
* Easy locking fit and tongue
* Heavy and powerful steel ball corners
* Industrial strength rubber feet and latches that can be padlocked.
* Dual anchor rivets
* Signature Series Laminated plywood
* Recessed butterfly twist lock latches
* Cable access hole with removable emblem cover.
* Sliding Laptop Shelf

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This 10U 19 inch Slant ATA 300 style rack mount Black on Black case is perfect for the mobile DJ. If you need protection for your investment then look no further. The sliding laptop shelf saves table space and gives the best access to all of your gear. The removable cable access cover allows you to lock the case while keeping your gear connected and offers a clean look. Signature Series laminated plywood ensures the best protection and peace of mind. Comes with mounting hardware.

Base to Peak
front: 3.5″
back: 5.75″
Slant Size: 10U 17.5 inch
Laptop Shelf Size: 20 x 12 inch



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